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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Drug Money & the Corporatocracy Make a Killing


Its all about the Corporatocracy, Corporate Welfare, Big Money, Big Pharma, the Carpet-Baggers and the Robber-Barons:

Drug (Rx) Money: Making a Killing



Saturday, April 03, 2010

WellPoint more like SickShit.

WellPoint hikes CEO's pay package

The insurer, boosting Angela F. Braly's compensation package up to $13.1 million, draws further ire from policyholders in California.

Is there another industrialized nation in the world who inserts a 3rd-party profit sucking whore between medical patients and their doctors like the good ol' USA allows? This insanity isn't over until we have single-payer-universal health care and private medical conglomerates go extinct. Tea Baggers can pound sand.

These blood suckers make their profits based upon other peoples misery and suffering.,0,3259739.story

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Repukes & Tea Baggers Generate FULL support for Health Care Reform Bill.

I favor Universal, Single Payer Health Care. To that end the current legislation disappoints me.

But now I feel much more supportive of it, thanks to the right-wing-nut whack jobs who are melting down in the eleventh hour. If these jack-holes are so opposed to the bill to demonstrate their opposition in these lying, fear-mongering, ignorant ways, then I'm confident it is the right thing to support it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pigs Didn't Fly; World Wants To Know Why (not)!

I dunno, but I am curious why I'm not seeing more about this from the NYT or CBS, or NBC, or pretty-much anywhere for that matter.

I don't want to believe it, but it's not like it would be a huge leap to imagine that the same Big Pharma that cut a secret deal with Barack Obama, ahead of health care reform debate, would spend a few bucks, in the right places, to make everyone on the planet their forced customers ... now would it, hmmm? Oh, I'm sure the virtual media black-out on this topic is just to protect us all from those who wear the tinfoil hats, right?

How influential do you imagine the Corporatocracy? Ask the U.S. Supreme Court, then maybe think about it some more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The FBI should investigate Senator Max Baucus; Senate “Gang of Six” Gangbangs WE-THE-PEOPLE!

The FBI should check Baucus’s bank accounts for a big, new deposit from the Health Insurance Lobby.

Message for Baucus: Mandate THIS!

Baucus’s Health Care Proposal is D.O.A.

Baucus’s bullshit proposal includes charging anyone who doesn’t pay his Corporate handlers a premium with a financial penalty.

Hey Baucus … I have some crap health insurance from those lower life forms and if your version of Health Care reform becomes law, I will drop it just to challenge your bullshit “mandate”.

When you come to collect the $900 fine from me you better send an army, because you’ll have to fish those monies from the pockets of my corpse.

Baucus, you and your Gangbang of Six have got your political heads so far up the ass of the Insurance lobby and your corporate handlers that it will be impossible to clean all the shit off yourself.

I’m voting for a 3rd-party next election, screw the entire lot of these clowns.

Monday, September 07, 2009

$45 per hour sounds like decent wages, but are there enough street corners as USA sinks to 3rd-world status?

meanwhile …

What about health care?

Does the kid get tuition but no healthcare? What happens if he gets to the college dorm but then comes down with , then what? Do the kids of Republican and Blue Dog Democratic US Senators, who are sucking at the teat of Big Pharma, Big Insurance and the Corporatocracy in general, have any similar concerns?

Ever seen an AIG executive holding up a sign begging for donations for their kid’s tuition? How about an Enron or Worldcom Executive? Citibank? Or, how about robber-baron Bernard Madoff … we know which street corner he laid claim to, Wall Street.

Hey boys and girls, Congress finally gets their rich, over-paid, over-insured, fat, pasty white asses back to work after Labor Day. The K-Street Lobbyists and their own Media Outlet (Fox News) will be in royal form as they try to kill-off WE-THE-PEOPLE by pricing healthcare out of reach for as many Americans as they possibly can. They won’t be happy until we will ALL be working the street corners. What ya gonna do to stop them, hmmm?

What are YOU gonna do? Are you going to buy into their bullshit spin about we can’t afford to have affordable and accessible healthcare for all Americans … only the rich ones? Are you going to listen to their lies about how private companies like Pfizer and the rest can manage healthcare in America better than the Veterans Admin and Medicare have been for years? Are you going to accept that they can do a better job while still paying those fat bone-us-es to their corporate executives?

Or, are you FINALLY gonna stand up and say ENOUGH and send an unmistakable, undeniable message? What are you gonna do? Which is it gonna be?

If you’re too busy, or too tired? Do you figure this isn’t your fight because you’re covered now? Whatever your situation, if you decide to sit this fight out … I suggest you start Google mapping a street corner near you.

Happy Freakin’ Labor Day!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pfizer is a 4-time loser!

Pfizer is a 4-time loser. Four times in a decade this leading member of the Corporatocracy has been fined for screwing WE-THE-PEOPLE. Big Pharma would do their own mommas, papas and their little dog too, for a $1. These are the folks that Republicans and the right-wing want us to trust over ourselves/government. Good luck with that.

Pfizer To Pay Record $2.3B Penalty For Illegal Drug Promotions

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