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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits Program is another Brownie

G.O.P. = Get Old People. 40+ drug benefit choices in one state, 60+ in another state, all the way up to a reported 80 choices in someplace! Can you say SHELL GAME?

The G.O.P. controlled U.S. Congress [the people's house] sold citizens out to pharmaceutical lobbyists from the P-R-I-V-A-T-E sector by agreeing to outlaw any negotiation of drug prices. So no chance for the CONSUMERS of all those drugs to leverage their massive numbers. Insult-to-injury, their own AARP sold them out too. Instead of being their advocates, the AARP chairman went along for the ride, and is thus just as damn guilty of being a fuck-up. The very day he did that ... I took that AARP card outta my wallet , called 'em, and told 'em I wanted my dues back. I recommend everyone give that a go ... along with a thanks-for-nothing note.

The G.O.P. is the same bunch, with the same core supporters, who always talk a lot of shit about capitalism, free enterprise, yadda, yadda, fucking-yadda. But they NEVER actually walk-the-talk. Why? Because they're a pack of hypocritical liars. They say one thing to us through sound bites and photo-opts, then turn around and screw-us when it is time to vote on legislation. They don't give a rat's ass for FREE American enterprise, all they care about is getting their slice of the pie regardless of how, and they prove it to us over, and over again.

The folks who are eligible for Medicare drug benefits are seen by the G.O.P. Congress and their rich-ass pharmaceutical executives as just another market to manipulate for their gross profits.

Did ya watch the news tonight? Did those elderly folks look like they were happy with their new, so-called bennies? Elderly folks VOTE.  And I hope like hell they send one nasty message to the  lousy, corrupt, fat, rich, white, out-of-fucking-touch politicians that forced this lame-ass legislation on them. I hope the victims of Katrina and BushCo are right there, in line with them too.

Problems Cited in Medicare Drug Benefit Sign-Up

On 1st Day, Seniors Report Confusion Over Choices, Frustration With Online Comparison Tool

By Christopher Lee
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 16, 2005; Page A02

Medicare beneficiaries for the first time began signing up for federally subsidized drug coverage yesterday, and

early indications were that many will need an antidote for the outbreak of confusion and frustration that accompanied it.

CBS titled this piece right:

Prescription For Confusion

So, for all you geniuses out there that think that PRIVATIZING everything is the answer to everything ... you're wrong, and we told you so. Combine a corrupt Congress with Corporate executives, and assign unqualified political cronies to administer the whole thing, and it'll yield a cluster-fuck everytime. How damn many times do you have to see the proof graphically, before ya catch a clue, huh?


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Just another example of this "government of the Giant Corps., by the Giant Corps., for the Giant Corps." in action. Unfortunately, the Dems aren't any better. Time for people to make use of that 2cd Amendment.

BTW, re that Flag in Distress sidebar. I never by the US Flag stamps, but when forced to use one, it is always upside down. Been doing that since patriotic heroes were committing genocide in SE Asia.

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