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Monday, May 09, 2005

Po-TA-to / Po-TAH-to, al-Libby/al-Liby . . .

Here's a new twist in the story about the capture of Abu Farraj al-Libbi that I posted on yesterday. The Sunday Times said that it's al-Liby, not al-Libbi who's the al Qaeda big fish and that the hoopla over al-Libbi's capture was a case of mistaken identity.

But get this: The Times also said that al-Liby is the guy on the FBI short list who's wanted for the 1998 bombings of two US embassies in Africa. And yet, as I learned today via Loaded Mouth (via WAWBII? -- Thanks, Ron, for the link), al-Liby was captured and talking as far back as 2002!

So how come he's still on the FBI Most Wanted list?



Hello everyone.

I have some thoughts and comments about the present state of our country.

Over the last few months, I have read several books that have looked at, analyzed, and criticized the dictatorial oligarchy that is the Bush Administration and its powerful industrial and financial buddies. I have realized that the US has been in dire straits after September 11, but the extent of the totalitarianism displayed by Bush and Company really gave me a sonic blast-like shock.

There are nearly 5,000 people dead because of the deceptions, lies, and political and personal ambitions of the administration. From September 11 to Afganistan to Iraq, and on and on, the blood has accumulated as collateral for the administrations power trips.

The current administration has done its very best to mangle, tear asunder, or annihilate: our Constitutional rights, our freedoms and liberty, our privacy, America's standing in the world, the economy, the environment and ways of protecting it, the healthcare system and Medicare, Social Security, sound education and student development, the quality and safety of the agriculture industry and our food supply, proper judicial procedures, the peoples' right to know what their "duly elected" government is really doing. This is just a short list.

The way in which the administration has imposed its whims and will over the entire country - and certain parts of the world that don't need mentioning -, in a seemingly carte blanche manner is very frightening and disturbing. It is troubling that a country found on a premise and a philosophy of democratic, citizen-run government can devolve into a shell of its former self, with dangerous, avaricious, and bloodthirsty individuals and groups filling the void. On the outside, everything looks peachy keen. When one gets to the heart of the matter, however, they can see the slow, painful, and agonizing of the greatest country that ever was. (I say this not out of arrogance - I hate arrogance - but as a person lucky enough to live in this country.)

Those that truly care for their fellow citizens and for their country must take a stand - a peaceful one at that - to rid themselves of an oppressive regime that seeks to not only leave its mark on the present, but the future as well. This plan may seem anattainable, yet think back to what occurred in Lexington and Concord in early 1775. I would think those ordinary men - albeit with muskets - who lined up opposite to the Redcoats and stared them down would have been quite nervous and apprehensive, perhaps knowing full well that they may die or be arrested and detained indefinitely. Yet, thanks to their efforts, as well as all those who began the American Revolution, a wondrous idea called the United States of America was born.

We, the American people, have been through tough times and dark episodes before in the history of our country. We're still here. As we are in another one of those difficult times - a time of oppression, anxiety, and needless war - we must once again come together for the sake of all the things we cherish and for the sake of all the things we admire about the United States. The Bush Administration, and its enforced legacy,can be defeated...but only if we want to defeat it. Knowing the American people, it will be.

Long live the United States of America and all the best to its people.

"We have no fate except what we make for ourselves."

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